Organization of Foundation Daily Diva – Mission Magnificent

Our Mission and Vision in brief

Foundation Daily Diva with its mission, called “MISSION MAGNIFICENT”, is an umbrella organization of the Communities WeLoveDailyDiva & WeLoveMightyMen, with the aim of Empowering Women, Men and Children in outer beauty, inner beauty, talent development and personal growth .

Mission Magnificent creates a symbiosis, in which women, men and young people, to support them with their strengths and their talents for mutual benefit each other.

Daily Diva with her MISSION MAGNIFICENT, the principle that the welfare of its peace, humanity, harmony and security, an essential safeguard, required as a building block of society.

With this mission, we want all together to contribute to the essence, where life turns “Love and Brotherhood” This starts with the individual.

Acceptance of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all people. implies the basis of a world culture.

Daily Diva does not exclude groups but are in favor of diversity.

Daily Diva Foundation engages in Castings & Empowering!
Her method is based on Mutual Commitment and Respect, Appreciation for the uniqueness and independence of Talented Persons.

Interested parties who participated in our Castings are automatically Join our Communities.

Our Members feel their empathy, connectedness and security within Daily Diva.

Daily Diva Foundation is a Podium full Liberty to Creative Talent and Promotes its Members, in order to develop further!

Community WeLoveDailyDiva
WeLoveDailyDiva is a community of women with a common goal, interest and or ideas, which are connected and communicate or cooperate with each other, to work together and to be able to know more, then individually.

The Community WeLoveDailyDiva, we want women to be powerful in this world. Together with our Beauty Coaches, Personal & Life Coaches, we will look for your strengths, both inwardly and outwardly

“We women should all be there”
We women want powerful and confident in life are where we are. If we’re at home, at work or in our social lives, it does not matter. Daily Diva wants to get the most out of the woman.
Are you looking for inner and outer beauty?
Would you like a confident, powerful woman, who knows what she wants?
Daily Diva goes with you, to find your inner strength, hidden abilities to achieve your goals.

Community WeLoveMightyMen
WeLoveMightyMen is a Community for Empowering Men in the area of ​​talent development and personal growth.

The Community WeLoveMightyMen is part of the umbrella organization Stichting Daily Diva and her Mission Magnificent,

Daily Diva also organizes activities for men, under the name WeLoveMightyMen.

Miss Power Woman
Miss Beyoncé Dancing Acts
Miss Personality Netherlands
Mister Personality Netherlands
The Big Beauty Awards in association with Big Beauty Network

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Do you need to develop your skills further?
Then we offer for example next Catwalk Training activities hereunder.

 Trainingen / Workshops en BeautyCoaching / BeautyStyling